Flowtech is a leading brand in the irrigation industry.

  • 3 decades of service provided in agricultural sector
  • 7 number of licences in the field of irrigation in South India, issued by the BIS.
  • Leading subsidy provider for agriculture needs in the state.
  • Ultimate customer satisfaction which is also our ultimate priority.

Latest News

New Product
Our New product Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit ( Rooftop & Garden ) has been launched.

Agri Intex

(Stall : B - 91)
Come Visit us at Agri Intex 2016, Coimbatore.( 15th - 18th July 2016 )

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Our Products

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Mist Irrigation
  • Submersible Irrigation
  • PVC Pipes
  • HDPE Pipes

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